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Manhole frame and covers

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1.Excellent electrical insulation resistance ,arc resistance and signs of leakage. 2.Excellent mechanical strength ,flame resistance and heat resistance.

3.Non-recycle value for anti-theft.

4. Anti acid ,alkali and chemical corrosion,impact resistance ,anti-rust,water-ability,durable (30~50 years),locking option.

When damaged,no holistic hole,avoids sudden accident. Use the superfine carbonate ,good density.

5. Only 1/3 weight of the cast iron one ,and 1/2 of the BMC with steel one.

6. Convenient transportation and installation reduce work intensity.

7. Physical appearance is beautiful,smooth,no distort ,easy to open. Unique multi-directional spot resistant tread pattern. 

8. Noise is very low and rebounding free when car roll on.

9.With perfect decoration effect and the color will be the right

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